What commission programs does STFU Cash have for affiliates?

Currently STFU Cash only offers affiliates a Revshare program but our commitment to quality and constant updates means that members will always have something new to see and will continue to re-bill for long periods of time.

What is the commission on sales?

We offer a full 50% commission on sales and re-bills. STFU Cash pays for processing and so affiliates do get the full 50% without any deductions.

Does STFU Cash have a webmaster referral program?

Yes we do we are currently offering $100 once the webmaster you reffered generates $75

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout for our affiliates is $50.00. At the end of each pay period any commission less than $50.00 owing to an affiliate will be carried over into the next period.

What payment options does STFU Cash offer affiliates?

The payment options we currently offer our affiliates are checks and ePassporte.

When are payments made?

Payments are made on the 15th of each month.

What billing processors does STFU Cash use?

STFU Cash uses cascading billing that includes Epoch, CCBill and WTS.

Does STFU Cash take foreign traffic?

STFU Cash will take traffic from any part of the world. We have billing options in place that can handle foreign traffic.

What type of traffic is not accepted by STFU Cash?

STFU Cash will not accept traffic from torrent sites, spam, newsgroups, spyware, adware, p2p or mailing.

Can I promote STFU Cash via email?

Definitely not! STFU Cash will not allow affiliates to promote our sites via email.

Are applications from potential affiliates accepted automatically?

yes all new accounts are automatically activated.

What promo material does STFU Cash make available for affiliates to use?

STFU Cash provides banners, buttons and galleries for affiliates and we can also provide custom promo material upon request.